To all share holders and future share holders., The ball is now rolling. Today 14th June 2018 the deposit was paid to manufacture the mould.
June 14, 2018

Launch of our Blog

We’re really excited here at EzeePlug as we’ve just launched our brand new blog platform and hope to use it going forward to keep you in the loop on the development of the iconic EzeePlug and the range of future products.

Now is as good a time as any to thank you all for the support thus far and to ask that you keep those pledges and requests coming in, we’re ramping up for production and hope to see the EzeePlug delivered to you via a few exciting means very soon.

You’ll notice that we’ve partnered up with the The Cancer Association of South Africa to offer them a share in the success of EzeePlug, Cansa supports a cause that we hold very close to our heart and we’re excited to be working so closely for such a good cause, visit our Home Page to get in on the action ASAP.

A special thanks also needs to go out to the guys from PiHost who have helped us out with some website changes we needed done, the introduction of our new blog as well as some exciting features you’ll see coming in the next few months as we ramp up.

Reach out to the PiHost team to get your own website at really affordable rates by emailing