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About us

In the event that you have problems with weak grip or arthritis in the hands, some “simple” daily tasks may well be a major problem. The capability to take out an electrical plug without difficulty is frequently overlooked for those who have strong hands and fingers. However, it is a huge challenge if you have weak grip, long nails or perhaps arthritic hands and fingers. This apparently simple task can be performed many times each day plugging in the kettle, the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, etc. Ezeeplug was invented by John Theron, when he witnessed a frail family member trying to pry a plug from its socket. Ezeeplug is the first in a range of independent living products to help with everyday tasks around the home. We realise that should you suffer from weak grip, arthritis or disability, some basic and routine tasks can be difficult, even dangerous.

Never struggle to unplug a plug again!

Ezee-Plug is designed to assist the elderly, arthritics & those who experience difficulty in gripping.

Ezee-Plug in Action

Out with the old... IN with the NEW!

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Countries currently available

Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Botswana, Brunei, Channel Islands, Cyprus, Cyprus North, Dominica, Dubai, Falklands, Gambia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Ireland (Eire) Isle of Man, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Macau, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Nigeria, Oman, Quatar, Saint Lucia, Saint Helena, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe

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Easy to use


Ezee-Plug pushes the plug out of the socket. Ezee-Plug is the new three-pin plug with a push lever which is activated by pushing down with the thumb.

Innovative Design

Ezee Solution

Ezee-Plug is perfect for Weak Grip or Rheumatoid Arthritis in the hands, handyman, electricians, plumbers and even woman with long nails.

Ezee-Plug approached CANSA; and has chosen CANSA as a partner to help in our marketing campaign. CANSA requires every Rand to further its Research Education and Support programmes. To assist CANSA with these programmes, CANSA will receive a percentage of the profits of all Ezee-Plug sales over the next 3 Years.

Shares & Draw


Ezee-Plug has designed its marketing campaign to incorporate CANSA
1. Ezee-Plug supports CANSA for very personal reasons
2. To encourage support for the Ezee-Plug it was decided to give some FREE shares to CANSA employees and their volunteers only.

One share for every Rand spent “forward buying” the Ezee-Plug(s) will be issued to employees and volunteers only.


The first 370 invoices will carry the double up sign; which means that what they buy will carry double up shares:

if you order 1 Ezee-Plug for R35 instead of getting 35 Shares FREE you will receive 70 Shares FREE
if you order 2 Ezee-Plugs for R65 instead of getting 65 Shares FREE you will receive 130 Shares FREE
if you order 3 Ezee-Plugs for R95 instead of getting 95 Shares FREE you will receive 190 Shares FREE

*Proof of Payment for your invoice, a Pro-Forma Share Certificate will be issued for the amount of shares you qualify for.
A formal Share Certificate will be registered with CIPRO and issued to you in due course.
NOTE: these orders will be delivered to your closest CANSA Office or Care Centre

A donation of 1 Ezee-Plug for every 10 Ezee-Plugs sold will be donated to CANSA as well to distribute to their CANSA centres.


Every invoice issued to a CANSA employee and or CANSA volunteer will be entered into a draw. There will be prizes of shares to 73 lucky winners for this DRAW.

Ezee-Plug - The Easiest Way to Unplug a Plug!